Our Mission

Rune is a highly modular digital publishing platform that is fast, flexible, and secure. Rune aims to inspire creativity in the newsroom and provide new tools for publishers to engage with their audiences.

Unlike monolithic Content Management Systems, Rune is easily scalable thanks to Kubernetes.

We don’t want our users to worry about their systems or operations. Rune offers a set-it-and-forget-it solution. As your website grows, so will your installation.

  • Automatic scaling w/ Kubernetes

News websites are some of the slowest to load. With Rune, we want to bring news to the 21st century.

We’re focused on making sure our websites are as fast as possible. A single news article should not take 8 seconds to load.

  • Dynamic content w/ Polymer
  • Fast service communication w/ gRPC

Rune is the first CMS to move at the pace of the newsroom. Bring all of your content into one place and publish faster than ever.

  • Curate visually appealing content fast
  • Publish across multiple sites with ease


The features supported by the Rune CMS


Multi-site support with sharable content


Thanks to Go and gRPC, Rune is the fastest CMS on the market

Rich Editing

Our home-grown content creation interface provides users with a rich user experience

Subscription management

Manage digital subscriptions & accept recurring payments from within Rune

Customer Support

Manage basic customer support features from within Rune, or create webhooks for external services

Open Source

Rune will be open source and available to the community, under the AGPL license

The Rune Team


Project Manager







We're hiring

Send resumes, cover letters, and an optional portfolio to jobs@wehco.com

Full Stack Web Developer

  • Experience building web services in at least one of the following: Go, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby
  • Experience using SQL
  • Linux / Unix

Bonus points

  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL or CockroachDB
  • gRPC or other RPC frameworks